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Out-Side-In and Biodanza

On the 24th of June 2018, a testing of one day full immersion in the practice of Biodanza, Rolando Toro Araneda System, was held in Rome. As a matter of fact, one key issue, deepened also in some modules of the OSI-Curriculum, is related to the non-verbal communication, and this practice, as many similar others, could be particularly useful in coping with important challenges as the social and economic integration of very vulnerable groups of people.

The Open Day was targeted to reach social workers, teachers, educators and trainers in order to increase the self-awareness about the body-language and the personal capability to welcome the “other” and to better interact among people.

Starting from the feeling of the own body with simple exercises, each movement is self-regulated by each participant respecting own possibilities and emotions, the music helps in following the assignments and the proposed “personal dance/movement” can be run individually, or in pair, or in little of with the whole group, like in the photos below.

During the day we have counted more than 60 participants attending the event.

The Programme started at 10.30h, with a brief presentation of the Biodanza discipline, and the focus of this open day, devoted to the “welcome” and the “friendship”. Then, Betti Cannova from Speha Fresia had the opportunity to present the Out-Side-In project, the next publication of the handbook in Italian, and the motivation why a session of Biodanza within this framework is useful.

While testing and reviewing some parts of the OSI-Curriculum with some social workers engaged in the management of refugees’ homes and being in contact with other practitioners committed e.g. with youth centres, we aimed at making a reflection about the need for these workers to safeguard own “integrity” in the relation with the “other” perceiving and showing with respect own emotional status.

Biodanza was proposed just as an example of a discipline that can help in the human relationship showing the awareness of the own body language is a key of success for an inclusive education.

Find some impressions of the Biodanza-Event below: